VRMesh Triangulation for AutoCAD 2014 Beta Available

Jan. 6th, 2014 – VirtualGrid is pleased to announce that VRMesh for AutoCAD 2014 is now available as beta release for testing. This plugin allows users to quickly and easily wrap point cloud data into accurate triangle meshes as well as create cross-section curves within the AutoCAD environment.

Key features include:
• Advanced point cloud decimation – http://youtu.be/IAbLGpud81c
• Accurate triangulation – http://youtu.be/W5eFAHy45YA
• Cross-section curve generation – http://youtu.be/iv-uenLJvb8
• No limit concerning the point cloud and mesh size – http://youtu.be/i1hDB6SUjZU

The VRMesh plugin is compatible with AutoCAD 2014 and its family products, including Architecture, Civil 3D, Map 3D, etc. Please visit our website www.vrmesh.com to download a beta version that runs with full functionality for 30 days. Your feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

About VirtualGrid:
VirtualGrid is the developer of VRMesh, an advanced 3D point cloud and mesh processing software tool. We focus on LiDAR remote sensing, reverse engineering, and rapid prototyping industries.