OnPOZ EZSurv GNSS Post-Processing Software is Now Compatible With Galileo And Beidou Satellite Constellations

December 23, 2013, Montreal, QC—Effigis Geo-Solutions Inc. is proud to announce that its new OnPOZ EZSurv® GNSS Post-processing Software (V2.93) is now compatible with both the European Galileo and the Chinese BeiDou satellite constellations.

With the integration of these two new satellite constellations, EZSurv® becomes one of the most powerful and easy to use tools on the Survey/GIS market to complement any RTK system. It provides a reliable, efficient RTK offline solution to improve survey or GIS data accuracy. It is fully compatible with most industry-standard field survey and GIS data collection software.

Available for worldwide distribution in January 2014, this new 2.93 version has been tested using data from the MGEX Network along with with data provided by ComNav Technology Ltd. (www.comnavtech.com) based in Shanghai, China.

From now on, when data is available, we can integrate E1b/c as well as E5b signals from Galileo as well as B1 and B2 signals from BeiDou satellite constellations (MEO, IGSO and GEO satellites) within our EZSurv® processing engine along with GPS and Glonass signals. The third frequency of these two new constellations will be added in a next release. Currently, this new compatibility is possible through Rinex format 2.11 and 3.02. We also added a direct access to the MGEX database through our “Base Station Manager” to help automatically access, through the Internet, MGEX files that are within our EZSurv® post-processing software.

This new version will also come with two new licensing options, which will enhance our current options, using receiver serial numbers (licenses locked in the data). Starting in January 2014, we will offer a PCRINEX License (limited to Rinex data format) as well as a PC-OPEN License able to read directly (without any prior translation) most native GNSS data formats on the market (binary files).

Both of these two new options will be locked on the PC with a key-code eliminating any need for a hardware key. “The addition of these two options to our Licensing model will allow us to satisfy the needs of a larger customer base,” says Denis Parrot, President of Effigis.

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