The Survey Association Rewards High Flying Geomatics Students

New TSA Client Guide responds to rise in SUA Surveying

The Survey Association (TSA) has awarded two bursaries of £1,000 to second year geomatics students from Newcastle University for their insightful papers on the impact of small unmanned aircraft (SUA) on the future of the industry.

The bursaries follow the release of TSA’s new Client Guide on SUA surveys, compiled as a free reference document for all professionals in the geospatial industry. Endorsed by RICS and ICES, a copy can be downloaded, free of charge at

TSA Client Guides are compiled in association with industry experts. They are used by engineers, architects, planners and other professionals as a reliable source of information on the general principles, procedures and regulations affecting specific aspects of survey work.

The Guide to SUA Surveys highlights the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) operational regulations governing commercial users and advises on the advantages and limitations of the current systems. Useful case studies are also included to illustrate the range of possible deliverables.

The choice of topic for this year’s TSA bursary entrants reflects the continuing expansion of the SUA survey market and the use of this developing technology as a recognised surveying technique.

TSA has awarded bursaries to promising geomatics students at Newcastle University students for the past three years. This year’s applicants were asked to submit 1000 words in response to the following question: What impact do you think the development of SUA (small unmanned aircraft) will have on the survey profession over the next five years, and how might it change the way surveys are undertaken?

TSA President Graham Mills presented the 2013 bursary winners, Adam Miller and Emmanuel Lawal with their cheques at a discussion group meeting attended by 60 members at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford.

Graham Mills said, “Within our membership there is expertise in some of the most innovative commercial applications of SUA surveying so this year’s bursary entries had to set the bar high to impress the judging panel. It is a great pleasure to know that students of the calibre of Adam and Emmanuel represent the future of our industry and TSA will be following their career path with interest.”

For links to the winner’s papers go to

Picture caption: TSA Bursary 2013 winners: Newcastle University Geomatics students, Adam Miller, (left) and Emmanuel Lawal, (right) with TSA President Graham Mills.

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The Survey Association, known generally as TSA, is the trade body for commercial survey companies in the UK. The association was formed in 1979 to give a focus for private sector businesses in land and hydrographic survey. The association has over 140 companies in membership as full, associate, supplier, affiliate or academic members directly involved in the survey business. The full and associate member companies together employ over 2500 people. The role of TSA is to promote best practice amongst its members, provide a forum for members for discussion, debate and continuing professional development and to the wider audience such as engineers, provide guidance on new methods and techniques and a list of suitably qualified and experienced companies. TSA is also heavily involved in lobbying Government and other agencies such as the Environment Agency regarding policies likely to affect or involve the survey industry. TSA meets regularly with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (ICES) on a range of issues and has established the Survey Liaison Group (SLG). This body convenes at regular intervals to examine matters of mutual interest and to ensure that there is little or no duplication of effort by the three bodies.