New BKG Ntrip Client (BNC) Version Announced

Supports Real-time Multi-GNSS Following RTCM Standard

A new version of the BKG Ntrip Client (BNC) has been published assisting M-GEX, Real-time and RINEX Working Groups. Version 2.10 supports GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS, and SBAS observations as far as the latest RTCM MSM standard allows.

For Windows systems you can download BNC from

Check out for precompiled binaries for Linux systems or the BNC source code. A Mac binary is under preparation.

BTW: With the NovAtel OEM628 Board a first receiver is available which enables PPP following the RTCM SSR standard. Although this comes as part of a Beta Firmware Version not yet released, it should allow using our Real-time IGS products.

Georg Weber & Leos Mervart

Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy (BKG), Frankfurt, Germany & Czech Technical University (CTU) Prague, Department of Geodesy