SPECIM Celebrates the Production of 4000th Imaging Spectrograph

Oulu, Finland: September 25, 2013 – This fall the hyperspectral imaging producer SPECIM celebrated the production of 4000th spectrograph in Oulu, Finland. The 4000th unit that rolled out of the production line was ImSpector N17E NIR spectrograph which was integrated to a hyperspectral camera for an OEM customer in plastic sorting industry. " We are very grateful for our customers’ trust and loyalty which has made it possible for us to reach this milestone" states Production Manager Mikko Autio.
During the celebration SPECIM’s Co-Founder, Sales Director Timo Hyvärinen said: "This is a significant milestone not only to us but to the entire hyperspectral industry". "These 4000 units have paved the road for hyperspectral imaging from science labs to numerous growing industrial applications", Mr. Hyvärinen added.

SPECIM started the manufacture of imaging spectrographs in 1996 based on research and patented technology from Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT). On-going continuous development has led to world known hyperspectral imaging products that offer exceptional customer value in various applications in remote sensing, industry and research. We are proud of our people and network which have made this possible.

SPECIM Spectral Imaging Ltd. is the world leading manufacturer of hyperspectral imaging instruments and systems. In addition to AISA airborne remote sensing systems, SPECIM provides ImSpector Imaging Spectrographs, Spectral Cameras and Hyperspectral Imaging Solutions to an increasing range of demanding industrial and science applications like colour measurement, recycling, geological corelogging, process analytical technology (PAT), life sciences, chemical imaging and forensics. For further information about SPECIM, please visit www.specim.fi.