ServiceOntario and Teranet Recognized for Improving Provincial Electronic Land Registration System Using GIS

New central map viewer provides online access to information on 6 million properties in Ontario, replacing paper maps and making the land registration process more efficient

Toronto, Esri Canada User Conference – October 23, 2013 – Paper registry maps are now a thing of the past in Ontario. ServiceOntario and Teranet have developed and implemented eMap, a new central map viewer that allows land registry information to be accessed online. Built using Esri’s geographic information system (GIS) technology, eMap provides up-to-date, detailed information on 6 million properties in Ontario. It replaces paper registry maps, significantly reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of the land registration process. For their outstanding GIS application, Esri Canada has presented ServiceOntario and Teranet with an Award of Excellence.

“Our customers used to spend hours looking up titles and property information on paper maps,” said Bill Snell, Director, Regulatory Services Branch, ServiceOntario. “With eMap, they can now quickly look up property information online using the Teraview gateway software or any of the workstation terminals at our land registry offices. It not only saves time, but also ensures that the information they receive is current and accurate. It’s a service that significantly enhances our customer’s experience.”

“Ontario has been a leader in providing electronic land registration services,” noted Alex Miller, president, Esri Canada. “With information on more than 6 million properties now online, eMap is one of the largest centralized map services of its kind. Introducing eMap allows the Province to improve upon their existing system and provide even more efficient and convenient services.”

The Province of Ontario is the first jurisdiction in the world to provide electronic registration of land-related documents. This innovative system is the result of a strategic alliance between the government and Teranet, a private company that developed and operates the Province’s electronic land registration system. The company provides secure and reliable electronic services to a network of lawyers, paralegals, real estate brokers and agents, search houses, title insurers, financial institutions, governments, police services, utilities, investigators and appraisers.

“We used to print hundreds of pages of maps, which were bound and couriered to 54 land registry offices across Ontario,” remarked Al Buckle, director of operations, Teranet. “eMap has eliminated printing and courier costs and reduced our environmental footprint. It also provides broader access to property information and increases the usage of our maps.”

Based on ServiceOntario’s requirements, Teranet designed and developed eMap, which shows detailed property information as well as roads, property boundaries and survey plans. It is powered by ArcGIS for Server integrated with Teranet’s Oracle database, while the interface was built using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. eMap provides near real-time updates and sophisticated pending update notification functionality.

The map service is delivered via three channels and delivers superior mapping functionality to all users of the land registration system. Professional users, such as lawyers and real estate professionals, can access eMap through the Teraview product. Land registry office employees can use it through the POLARIS backoffice system, while the public can view property information online using workstation terminals at land registry offices in Ontario.

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