Powerful and Affordable Utility Data Collection App for the iPad

October 16, 2013, Oregon, USA – CMTINC.COM announces the release of the Utility Data Collection app for the Apple iPad . This powerful GPS/GIS mapping and data collection app was mainly designed for utility asset management and meter reading. However, it could also be used by other professionals who need to map points, lines and areas and record pertinent information for the mapped Features.
The Utility Data Collection app provides a dedicated data entry form for entering data and other observations for Point Features. The users can opt to have the waypoint route displayed on a satellite map. They will be able to tell which sites have been visited as the corresponding symbols will display in a different colour on the map. They will also be able to sort and search the data records. The import and export functions makes it easy to set up the meter routes, upload the meter database and export the recorded data.
Between the monthly meter reads, this app could be used by the maintenance crew to map the locations and record the conditions of land plots, utility poles, utility meters and other equipment. The surveyed items can be easily tagged with pre-defined descriptions as well as photos taken on the spot.
The Utility Data Collection app is the answer for small towns and utility cooperatives who are looking to transition to newer utility management and meter reading systems on a budget.
This app is now available at the iTunes App Store.