Topcon Announces GR-5 with Vanguard Technology

Livermore, Calif., USA/ Capelle A/D Ijssel, The Netherlands – October 10, 2013 – Topcon Positioning Group announces the release of the GR-5 receiver with Vanguard™ technology, designed to optimize tracking and performance.
“The GR-5 is a next-generation GNSS receiver, built on multi-constellation integrated technology pioneered by Topcon,” said Scott Langbein, director of product marketing.
“Now with the inclusion of Topcon’s exclusive 226-channel Vanguard technology with Universal Tracking™, and the power of full-wave Fence Antenna™ technology that provides multipath rejection in difficult environment, the GR-5 operates with unsurpassed sensitivity, tracking accuracy and performance.”
In addition to Universal Tracking, Vanguard technology includes Quartz Lock Loop™ for signal processing in heavy vibration applications and Intelligent Tracking Optimization™ to select the best combination of available satellite signals.
Langbein said, “At any time, end-users can track all available satellite signals and be assured of getting accurate measurements regardless of environmental conditions.”
Additional features of the GR-5 include:
• Cellular and radio: The GR-5 has both cellular and radio communications, which allows it to be used in radio-based RTK and network RTK systems;
• Long-range UHF radio: The top-mounted radio antenna extends the range of RTK radio performance;
• Operating time: GR-5 hot-swappable batteries are designed for full-day operation;
• MAGNET™ Field: MAGNET Field software can be used with the GR-5 RTK system, providing the ability to share data to cloud storage and connect field crews to each other and the office.

About Topcon Positioning Group
Topcon Positioning Group is headquartered in Livermore, California, USA ( Its European head office is in Capelle a/d IJssel, The Netherlands ( Topcon Positioning Group designs, manufactures and distributes precise positioning products and solutions for the global surveying, construction, agriculture, civil engineering, mapping and GIS, asset management and mobile control markets. Its brands include Topcon, Sokkia, 2LS and MAGNET. Topcon Corporation (, founded in 1932, is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (7732).