New Release of SuperPad 3.1a for Improved Accuracy and Reliability of GIS Data

Supergeo Technologies, a leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, announced the new release of SuperPad 3.1a. The full-function Mobile GIS software helps surveyors improve the accuracy and reliability of GIS data.

Designed for effective field mapping and survey, SuperPad 3.1a is capable of helping surveyors carry out measurements, collect and edit spatial data with Windows Mobile devices, and greatly enhance the validity and usability of data.

In addition to supporting GPS satellite add-on to comprehend real-time GPS signal information, SuperPad 3.1a performs Online Map Tool that allows users to apply open map sources such as OpenStreetMap as the basemap in field surveying.

Moreover, the enhanced manipulation interface and editing function are available for supporting feature measurement and improving connection with SuperGIS Server services for data synchronization.

To optimize the accuracy of collected data, GNSS driver in SuperPad 3.1a enables to record satellite signals information while collecting spatial data. Consequently, users can add the collected data to SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a and post-process it with differential GPS add-on to increase the accuracy of spatial data. 

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