Tangerine Mobile and Pole Star Bring Mobile Indoor Location Services to DeVos Place, a 2013 ArtPrize Venue

Tangerine Mobile and Pole Star collaborate to launch location smart app for DeVos Place, a 2013 ArtPrize® Venue to help visitors discover art using indoor location and True Interactive™ Mapping

Mt. Pleasant, MI., September 26, 2013 – As a 2013 ArtPrize® Venue, DeVos Place, a convention center located in Grand Rapids, MI, hosts thousands of visitors from September 18 – October 6, who are there to find and experience a variety of art. For the first time DeVos Place will offer visitors a mobile app powered by NAO Campus indoor location solution from Pole Star running on Tangerine Mobile’s True Interactive™ map platform. The location smart app makes it easy for visitors to see where they are located inside DeVos Place, find art exhibits and discover attractions in Grand Rapids using one interactive map. The app is available on Google Play and the App Store and provides location services, including indoor location on both Android and Apple.

Tangerine Mobile’s True Interactive™ is the single access point for location information and services offered in the DeVos Place mobile app. True Interactive™ removes barriers to location by streamlining access to high value location information and services on one map, making it easy for people to connect with experiences that matter to them.

Tangerine Mobile’s indoor location services are powered by Pole Star, a strategic partner. Pole Star’s NAO Campus combines location information from many available sources like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 and GPS that are then merged with motion sensors in the smartphone and mapping information to provide precise indoor location. With more than 64 million sq.feet deployed in 20 countries, Pole Star’s hybrid solution is easy to integrate and scale for convention centers, airports, malls, museums and other challenging environments. NAO Campus was selected by Tangerine Mobile for its performance, reliability and ease of integration with the company’s existing location services.

“We are pleased to be providing our mobile app with True Interactive™ and indoor location services to DeVos Place. Our strategic partnership with Pole Star and DeVos Place has resulted in DeVos Place being the first convention center in the U.S. to provide indoor location services and True Interactive™ on both Android and Apple smartphones. We look forward to integrating additional location technologies in the near future including new features from Pole Star like micro location services, crowd sourcing for indoor location remote deployment and maintenance and the NAO Cloud, Indoor Location as a Service platform. These innovative location technologies will be incorporated with True Interactive, adding new service capabilities and value for events at DeVos Place,” stated Ken Curry, Co-founder of Tangerine Mobile.

“The DeVos Place mobile app showcases our combined expertise in delivering a truly innovative mobile experience for the 2013 Art Prize Venue and DeVos Place attendees. We are excited to be working with Tangerine Mobile on this event and many more to come. This is how indoor experience should always be,” added Christian Carle, CEO of Pole Star.

To download the app, go to Apple App Store or to Google Play

About Tangerine Mobile
Tangerine Mobile, founded in 2012, creates location intelligent mobile apps for events and venues. Tangerine Mobile’s core belief is that location is imperative to shaping experiences, adding value and enhancing connections between people and business. With True Interactive™, Tangerine Mobile provides a powerful single access point in its mobile apps to high value location information and services, including indoor location and indoor mapping. Tangerine Mobile creates location intelligent mobile apps with dedicated partners who are leaders in their perspective industry.
For more information about Tangerine Mobile visit www.gettangerine.com

About Pole Star
Pole Star, created in 2002 and based in Europe (France -Toulouse & Paris) and the United States (Palo Alto, California), is the pioneer and world leader in indoor location. Pole Star mission is to deliver high performance, scalable and long lasting quality of service to venue owners or mobile solution providers anywhere in the world. With over 64 million square feet covered by NAO Campus in 20 countries, Pole Star already has an impressive customer portfolio including airports, malls, department stores, convention centers and museums along with an extensive, trusted partner network. Pole Star solution includes a set of software tools allowing partners to offer a complete range of location based end-to-end solutions on a multi venue basis, integrating Pole Star’s flagship product, NAO Campus. For more information about Pole Star and its products, please visit: www.polestar.eu or www.polestarusa.com.