Javad GNSS Triumph LS Released at ION

At the ION Conference in Nashville, Javad GNSS released its latest GNSS receiver, the Triumph LS. Incorporating all of the standard-setting capability of the Triumph VS, the new receiver has several new features, including 864 channels. Always a leader in the channel count, the new channels can be used to track existing and future satellites as well as monitoring for interference. More than 100 channels are assigned to monitor interferences in the background and give instant notification to users. Also, many channels can be assigned to a single satellite signal for reliability, redundancy and averaging for better results. In a presentation at ION, Javad Ashjaee said the new chip uses 40 nano technology and, according to the chip manufacturer, is the largest chip they’ve ever made.

Also new is a 25-hour battery, even with full screen brightness and UHF/GSM. The battery can be recharged in two hours. The LS, with pole, weighs less than six pounds, making it the lightest comparable unit on the market. According to Javad, "Hot swappable and removable batteries are a thing of the past." The included collapsible pole makes getting in and out of a truck easier.

Long having unique features such as interference monitoring and reporting, the LS software now incorporates several routines that are compatible with the way in which American surveyors work, including buttons on the 800×480 home screen for Collect, Stakeout and COGO. Another button launches Setup. In addition, several more buttons, both onscreen and on the unit, are user-definable. As with the VS, the magnesium alloy case will withstand a 2-meter drop.

During the demonstration, Javad showed the flexibility in gathering data. In addition to telling the unit to gather a point at a specified time interval or distance, the new software senses when a curve has been started and increases the point gathering speed automatically. It does this by detecting if the offset from a straight line created by the last few points exceeds a user-defined amount. As with the VS, the LS uses the internal camera to provide stakeout guidance, automatically changing modes as the user gets nearer to the point.

New in the LS is offset surveying with photogrammetry. Using the internal camera, five pictures can be taken, common points can be identified automatically or by picking. With the internal camera, offset accuracies of ±10cm are possible, out to 30-40 meters. Using an external camera, accuracies of ±5cm are possible.

At the show, Javad announced a new incentive program for U.S. licensed surveyors: A complete RTK receiver system (base or rover), including a GSM modem, UHF transmit and receive, lifetime firmware and software updates, and a 3-year unlimited warranty, all for $8,640. A registered surveyor can test drive the LS for two weeks, including 2-Day FedEx delivery and return, by applying at