LandWorks Offers Free Trial of New Online Property Mapping Service

Houston, Texas, 6 August 2013 – LandWorks Inc., a developer of innovative land management solutions, today unveiled Web AutoMapper, an online service that automatically converts land legal descriptions into GIS-ready map polygons. LandWorks is offering free trial access to Web AutoMapper including up to 500 parcels until Aug. 31, 2013. 

LandWorks developed the Web AutoMapper service in partnership with WhiteStar Corp. of Lakewood, Colo., and Digital Map Products of Irvine, Calif. Depending on the type of legal description entered into the online service, Web AutoMapper generates map polygons using either WhiteStar’s national land grid or Digital Map Products’ nationwide tax parcel base. 

“Web AutoMapper is an inexpensive, fast and easy method of processing many types of standard property descriptions into digital map polygons,” said LandWorks President Jerry Bramwell. “This online service simplifies the land records mapping activities performed every day by city, county and state governments to keep their GIS website up to date with the latest property transactions.”

At a cost of just $2 per legal parcel description, Web AutoMapper generates accurate digital polygons for about 20 percent of the cost of manual mapping services. Legal descriptions that would take days or weeks to map manually can be processed in minutes with this online software-as-a-service application from LandWorks. 

A customer simply logs onto Web AutoMapper at and creates an account. The user then submits an Excel spreadsheet containing one or hundreds of legal descriptions in Jeffersonian Township/Range, Texas Survey/Abstract, or Tax Parcel number formats. Within seconds, Web AutoMapper provides an onscreen report detailing which polygons can be generated and which cannot. For those that cannot be generated, the reason is provided. 

If the customer decides to proceed, a credit card is provided, and once payment is made, Web AutoMapper generates a zip file of the purchased polygons in either Esri shapefile or file geodatabase format. Available for immediate download or saved in the user’s account for later access, the polygons are ready to be imported as map overlays directly into Esri GIS software as well as other popular mapping systems. 

“Web AutoMapper enables anyone with a need to create land maps to do so in just a few minutes at minimal cost,” said Bramwell. 

As a Cloud-based application, Web AutoMapper brings the full power of the standalone LandWorks AutoMapper software to every level of digital map user via the Internet. Introduced in 2002, the onsite AutoMapper package is purchased by an organization and sits behind their firewall as a production-grade GIS mapping tool. The software is used extensively by organizations that must manage large tracts of land and keep property records up to date, such as local governments, energy companies and natural resource management entities. 

“The software-as-a-service business model of Web AutoMapper makes it very attractive due to its price point and 24/7 enterprise access,” said Bramwell. “We expect its use will expand greatly among corporate land managers, real estate professionals, and local government GIS users.” 

To take advantage of the Web AutoMapper free trial offer, simply register on the site today ( and enter your 500 free land descriptions before Aug. 31, 2013. 

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LandWorks, an ESRI Gold Business Partner, provides software and services utilizing ESRI ® GIS technology. Since 1995, the company’s primary focus has been providing software products and services for managing any type of land right in any industry including oil and gas, mining, pipelines, telecommunications, electric/gas utilities, wind energy, transportation and water. With offices in Houston, TX and Denver, CO, LandWorks offers a full line of land-related digitizing and data conversion services.