TI Asahi Co., Ltd. and Zoller + Froehlich GmbH Sign OEM Scanner Agreement

Exclusive distribution worldwide of PENTAX branded 3D scanners by TI Asahi Co., Ltd.

TI Asahi Co., Ltd. and Zoller + Froehlich GmbH announced today that they have signed OEM agreement for exclusive distribution worldwide of PENTAX branded 3D scanners by TI Asahi Co., Ltd. Under the agreement, Zoller + Froehlich GmbH will OEM-supply PENTAX branded high-precision, state of art 3D and 2D scanners to TI Asahi Co., Ltd, and TI Asahi Co., Ltd. will distribute them through its well-established sales channels of their world’s distributors together with software for specific application which will make 3D scanners incorporated in various solution oriented systems, serving the needs of a variety of industries which require highly accurate 3D and 2D scanned data.

Products to be OEM-supplied are PENTAX S-3180V, S-3180, S-3080 3D scanners and S2100 2D scanner, having features such as over 1 million dots measurement per second, long range measurement of up to 187m, up to high coordinate accuracy, Laser class 1 meeting most demanding customers’ requirements in 3D scanner performance.

PENTAX OEM 3D and 2D scanners are scheduled to be available in August 2013.

About TI Asahi Co., Ltd.
TI Asahi Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of world renowned PENTAX surveying instruments and GNSS products. The company has 80 years experiences and expertise of producing surveying instruments, the foundation of its root company dating back to 1933, their products having served a huge number of surveyors in the world. The company has decided to start OEM supply of 3D and 2D scanners to meet versatile demands of its customers and thereby further expands its prosperous business.

About Zoller & Froehlich GmbH
Zoller + Fröhlich is an international operating company with headquarter and production facility in Germany. The worldwide reseller network covers more than 40 countries with permanent subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and the United States.
Z+F is the inventor of the phase-shift technology based laser scanner. In the early 1990s the first rail track and tunnel measurement system was developed and manufactured. It was shortly followed in 1996 by the first optical 3D laser measurement system for “as built“ conditions. Today Z+F is one of the leading enterprises in the field of non-contact laser measurement technology. Due to years of research, development and countless successful engineering projects, Z+F is the forerunner in this field with a wealth of knowledge, experience and success. When it comes to implementing future developments Z+F always encourages innovative thinking and open-minds.