GCS ‘Geospatial Big Data’ Webinar Focuses on Mobility

Featuring Parcel Identification, Geo-fencing, Augmented Reality Applications

Missoula, Montana, 24 July 2013 – GCS has announced that Mobile platforms and applications will be the second webinar topic in its Geospatial Big Data series. The free webinar will feature three GCS Big Data solutions that use real-time location data in distinctly different applications – land parcel identification for economic development, geo-fencing for retail marketing, and augmented reality for geospatial visualization.

“Organizations that gather, maintain and serve geospatial data face a crucial Big Data challenge in making location-specific information accessible anytime, anywhere to their employees and customers,” said GCS Founder and President Alex Philp, PhD. “We will discuss how mobile technologies address the Big Data access challenges of specific vertical markets, including real estate, economic development, retail sales, law enforcement, utilities, tourism, defense/intelligence and GIS.”

Entitled “Moving to Mobility: Leveraging Location Analytics,” the one-hour webinar will be broadcast live at 3 pm (U.S. Eastern Daylight Time) on Thursday, Aug. 15, 2013. Registration is now open through the GCS website at www.YourDataSmarter.com. A live Q&A session with the audience will be included.

“Attendees from public and private sector organizations will learn how they can leverage the GPS-enabled devices most of us already carry to transform business processes for everyone’s benefit,” said Philp.

GCS has developed numerous mobile applications as part of larger Big Data solutions for organizations that need to collect, disseminate, share and communicate location-specific data with field crews, remote personnel, consumers, and target audiences. The webinar will discuss how to devise a framework, architecture and strategy for building a mobile solution that helps an enterprise operate more effectively and efficiently. Delivering spatial functionality to a handheld device, choosing an operating system, and selecting suitable mobile platforms will be discussed.

The webinar will feature discussions and demonstrations of three mobile applications developed as part of larger Big Data solutions:

• Montana Parcel App – Simply by standing on a property or tapping on a parcel shown on the map screen, the user instantly accesses land ownership, valuation and other data from multiple Montana state databases. Created for economic development officers, this app is used by Realtors, emergency responders, hunters, and the public. Funded by the state, it has driven economic development by facilitating land transactions.

• Geo-fencing App – Now under development for a national retail chain, this app defines a geographic perimeter around each physical store location. When a potential customer enters the ‘geo-fenced’ area, the app pushes an advertisement out to that person’s smartphone or tablet, complete with turn-by-turn directions to reach the store on foot or by car. Becoming highly customized, geo-fencing is revolutionizing the concept of one-to-one real-time marketing.

• Augmented Reality App – In this mobile application under development, the user views a real-life scene through the camera lens of their smartphone or tablet, and the app overlays additional information – such as GIS data layers or historical photographs – on the scene in the correct geographic orientation. The demonstrated app will show how utility field crews can work more quickly by visualizing buried infrastructure beneath the ground without excavation.

GCS launched the Geospatial Big Data webinars with a focus on developing solutions to the unique Big Data challenges of geographic information by leveraging location analytics, mobile platforms, and cloud technologies. The first webinar, “Building, Deploying and Managing Applications in the Cloud,” was recorded in June and can be viewed at www.YourDataSmarter.com.

About GCS
Based in Missoula, Montana, GCS is a geospatial solutions company delivering intelligent analytics through cloud networks and mobile platforms that provide answers to complex business problems. With over 200 years of technical expertise on staff, GCS integrates and adapts best-of-class systems to extract value from data and opportunities from information, making enterprises more productive, efficient and profitable. For more than a decade, the GCS team of experts has delivered award-winning solutions for public and private organizations – from start-ups to multinational corporations – in disciplines and all levels of government.