RTCM Issues an Amendment of its Standard for Differential Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Special Committee 104 of the Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services (RTCM) has just completed an amendment to RTCM 10403.2, the widely-used "Version 3" standard for Differential Global Navigation Satellite System Services (DGNSS). RTCM’s standard supports very high accuracy navigation and positioning through a broadcast from a reference station to mobile receivers. Looking forward to the use of new satellite positioning systems from Europe and China, the amendment introduces an ephemeris message for the Galileo Open Service (F/NAV), and also a set of BeiDou messages in the new Multiple Signal Message (MSM) format. The amended standard is available from RTCM at its secure online publication store. Visit www.rtcm.org and click on "Publications."

For a 32Kb PDF with more information click HERE