Phase One Industrial and IGI Announce IGIplan & CCNS-5 Now Support the Phase One iXA Aerial Camera System

Enriching Aerial Cameras to a Smart Geospatial Solution 

Kreuztal and Copenhagen, July 15, 2013 – IGI, a leading provider of smart geospatial solutions and Phase One Industrial, a leading manufacturer and provider of medium format aerial and industrial digital photography equipment, today announced that the flight planning software, IGIplan, and the flight guidance & sensor management system, CCNS-5, now support the Phase One iXA aerial camera system.

This great smart geospatial solution was made especially for aerial photography. Operators can focus on their work in the office while the smart solution minimizes the workload during the airborne mission. The iXA is addressed through the generic camera interface implemented in the CCNS-5. The systems thus greatly reduce the operational costs associated with aerial surveys and aerial image collection.

Philipp Grimm, Marketing & Sales Manager at IGI said, “All three solutions have been proven in challenging environments around the world. Working together as a system now makes it a smart geospatial solution. The solution has been delivered to our customer Glückauf-Vermessung in Germany.“

Wolfgang Aleithe, surveyor at Glückauf-Vermessung added “We have been operating our iXA 180 together with the CCNS-5 since May 2013 and have captured many thousands of images so far. The interconnection between the camera and the CCNS-5 works very well. Most of our customers want 2-3 cm GSD and the iXA aerial camera delivers the quality they need. Both the image quality and color, even inside shadows, is unbelievable.”

The Phase One iXA, a rugged, high-quality industrial-grade aerial camera system, has found wide success in the photogrammetry market, both among end users and OEM integrators. Specifically, the iXA is gaining traction as a major component in oblique camera setups and in the UAV market. Available with up to 80 megapixel or Achromatic models, the iXA is designed to easily incorporate into existing or new systems. IGI extends the iXA series to a smart solution for aerial photography offering imagery at pre-planned positions.

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