Septentrio Announces Centimeter Level Position Accuracy for Mobile GIS Applications

Leuven, Belgium – Septentrio announced that it has joined forces with Esri BeLux, the distributor of Esri software in Belgium and Luxembourg to offer a user friendly mobile solution that is accurate up to 1 centimeter.

This mobile solution combines the use of Esri ArcGIS for Mobile with a highly accurate GNSS device called AsteRx-m™ GeoPod.

The combination of Esri software and the AsteRx-m™ GeoPod operates seamlessly using standard, open interfaces on any professional tablet. Used today by a major utility company, the new bundled solution allows anyone in the organization to accurately locate utility infrastructure and record geo-referenced data on the spot.

“This is an exciting new cooperation that has seen the light,” commented Peter Grognard, Septentrio’s founder and CEO “it is a true example of how we create extraordinary value for customers and redefine the limits of a profession by combining standard available products.”

What can this mean for your organization?
• Field crews get the tools to easily locate assets, to accurately measure and to later enter changes into the company databases.
• The solution can be used by any operators; it becomes easy for anyone to record geo-referenced information in the field.
• The IT department has the full flexibility to select the mobile devices that suit your applications best.

About Septentrio
Septentrio Satellite Navigation designs, manufactures, sells and supports high-precision OEM GNSS receivers for the most demanding professional navigation, positioning and timing applications. Septentrio delivers breakthrough technology in the development of high-end GNSS receiver instruments and the integration of hybrid solutions. Septentrio receivers offer unrestricted signal tracking capability and the most comprehensive range of countermeasures to mitigate GNSS vulnerability. To learn more about the AsteRx-m™ GeoPod, visit