Conestoga Highway, a Crime Novel Having a Surveyor as Protagonist, is Announced

Geoff Miller, the author of Long Term Almanac, or, what to do when you can’t use your total station and GPS, the most-hit article in the Online-Only section of, has written another book:

Excerpt: …On a remote, picturesque ranch in northern New Mexico, an old man is brutally murdered. Denny Carswell, land surveyor, bears witness to the savage act. The property where the killing occurs is owned by none other than the resurgent Hollywood icon Dirk Stetson and his beautiful, libidinous wife Bella.

Circumstances quickly suck Denny into the midst of the ensuing murder investigation. A mélange of colorful characters and events folds into a mystery that becomes increasingly complex. An eccentric child of the universe, a larcenous drunk, a pretty horse wrangler and nascent mathematical prodigy, a habitual criminal, a stubborn sheriff, a coyote named Henry, a three hundred-year-old secret, and, of course, a shady lawyer, all connect in some way with murder and a troublesome land deal. Like a swimmer swept along by a raging current, Denny struggles to reach the embankment of truth that will thwart a masterful plan of deception, greed and violence. Who will die and how many lives will be ruined as the old surveyor matches wits with a cruel and determined killer?…

The book is available on Amazon Kindle: