Altus Presents Latest GNSS Surveying Technology for the 2013 Esri Survey Summit

Products on Display Include New Family of L-Band Systems Offering Worldwide Positioning with Better than 10-cm Accuracy

Torrance, Calif. – July 5, 2013 – Altus Positioning Systems will showcase its range of GNSS surveying instruments for the ESRi user community at the 2013 Survey Summit in San Diego, July 6-9, 2013.

The new Altus receivers APS-T and APS-3 include real-time kinematic (RTK) and L-band precision point positioning (PPP) receivers, all of which are designed to integrate seamlessly with ESRi database platforms with a wide range of third-party software tools.

APS-T and APS-3L are built around a high-precision 136-channel Septentrio GNSS receiver with an embedded L-band modem for receiving differential data from the TERRASTAR-D satellite network. The APS-3L is field-switchable to either RTK or PPP, while the APS-T L-band product can easily be upgraded for RTK when higher accuracy is required.

“The APS-T and APS-3L are designed to provide a low-cost alternative for GNSS surveying in GIS field applications where it is impractical or unnecessary to obtain RTK-level accuracy,” said Neil Vancans, president and CEO of Altus Positioning Systems. “The systems are capable of providing better than 10-cm positioning accuracy without a reference station when gathering data in locations beyond the reach of RTK networks using GSM or UHF frequencies.”

“The L-band solutions are ideal for GNSS surveying in archeology, utilities, agriculture, forestry, oil/gas, mining and construction sites in remote regions and harsh environments,” said Vancans. “The TERRASTAR-D service provides robust performance even in areas of high ionospheric interference.”

TERRASTAR-D is a subscription-based service introduced in 2012 for land-based surveying applications. The TERRASTAR-D network broadcasts on seven independent satellites with overlapping coverage, ensuring that a minimum of two satellites are visible simultaneously at most locations in the world.

The APS-T and APS-3L are the latest evolution in Altus’ product line of surveying instruments based on the popular APS-3 GNSS receiver architecture, which provides interfaces into ESRi tools such as ArcPad using third-party data collection and job management software packages such as MicroSurvey FIELDGenius and Carlson SurvPC, as well as the new GIS360 mobile application for smartphones and tablets.

About Altus Positioning Systems
Founded in 2006, Altus Positioning Systems has its corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Torrance, Calif. The privately held company provides high-precision GNSS surveying equipment through an international network of sales representatives in key countries around the world. For more information, visit