iGage Introduces Low-cost OPUS GPS Receiver

Salt Lake City, UT – iGage Mapping Corporation announces a simple, low-cost, L1/L2/L2C GPS receiver specifically designed to use the National Geodetic Survey’s OPUS online post-processing service. The X90-OPUS has a single button interface and customized firmware/software to automate data submissions to OPUS for centimeter-level post-processing anywhere in the United States.
At only US$2,450, the X90-OPUS is the least expensive L1/L2 GPS surveying receiver in the world. Its 4GB internal memory stores more than four years of 15-second interval data. A simple plug-and-play USB connection behaves exactly like a USB memory stick on the user’s computer for easy data download.

The X90-OPUS Download software has single button download. Another button press decimates occupation data, ZIPS the observation file, and automatically fills in the entire OPUS online submission form.
The X90-OPUS makes field surveying easy, no data collector is required just press the power button to begin and end an observation.

“We have taken years of L1 GPS surveying experience and boiled it down to a simple one-button L1/L2 operation,” said Mark Silver, President of iGage. “You turn it on and it works. There are no data collectors and no complicated displays. It is drop-dead simple.”

The X90-OPUS receiver is waterproof, submersible, nonincendive, and it floats (IP-67). It carries a two-year warranty. The package includes two rechargeable batteries, a dual slot charger, external power cable, and hard shell carrying case.

At only 3.1 lbs and less than 8” in diameter, the 24-channel L1/L2/L2C X90-OPUS is ideal for surveying using OPUS, OPUS-RS, OPUS Projects, and standard static surveying campaigns. With a low cost of ownership, the X90-OPUS virtually eliminates the need for “leap-frogging” GPS receivers in large static campaigns.

The X90-OPUS is available immediately. Details are available at http://www.x90gps.com.