Curtin University Uses PenBay Facilities GIS Software to Help Plan & Save Money Now & Into the Future

Brunswick, ME – June 27, 2103 – PenBay Solutions, the global leader in facilities GIS software, has published a new case study about the adoption of InVision FM by Curtin University (CU) in Australia. InVision FM is helping CU as they embark on a visionary master planning project for the next 100 years of campus growth and development. CU realized that better data and better tools were needed to properly inform the planning process and turned to PenBay facilities GIS technology.  

Saving Time & Money 
InVision FM from PenBay Solutions is based on the Esri® ArcGIS® platform and gives facility managers a better understanding of their facilities through a rich spatial representation and map-based visualization of their assets, spaces and buildings across a campus, region or portfolio. As a result of their implementation, Curtin University is saving time and money through informed decision-making that lets them more efficiently manage space and operations while optimizing work requests and consolidating data.
Improving Operational Efficiency
One of Curtin’s goals was to become more operationally efficient by gaining access to real-time information from maintenance and support operations. Using ARCHIBUS®, they can see detail for individual floors and other key views within buildings, but the team also wants to see where everything is located – spaces, assets, personnel – with visual reference for the entire campus. Over time, Curtin ultimately plans to also include their other campuses within a single map-based interface.
"Space equals dollars," said Roslyn Gray, Business and Technology Solutions Program Manager at Curtin University. "We needed to be able to visualize vacancy opportunity by undertaking real-time queries and looking at efficiency models to ensure we were making the best use of available space." CU worked with implementation partner, BRG (, to augment its ARCHIBUS facility management software with PenBay InVision FM.
"Only PenBay Solutions could truly walk the walk to integrate ARCHIBUS with GIS in the way we envisioned it," continued Gray. "ARCHIBUS is our repository for all things physical and asset-based – our building and space information. Coupled with our CAD drawings and campus planning data, all this information is the foundation of the PenBay InVision FM facilities GIS solution that will help us achieve our vision."
Download the full Curtin University Case Study to learn more
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