Android-powered SuperSurv 3.1 Supports Streetlight Facility Management in Italy

Supergeo Technologies today announced that Studio BUSOLINI & COSTANTINI PROGETTI employed SuperSurv 3.1 to complete data collection for effective streetlight inspection and maintenance, as well as helping formulate an improved lighting plan in Italy. The Android-powered Mobile GIS software is now available on Google Play for European users to maximize field productivity. 

To carry out a critical evaluation of street-lighting design and achieve a significant saving in energy, labor, and vehicle costs for streetlight survey, the mobile GIS software helps Studio BUSOLINI & COSTANTINI PROGETTI collect and update high-accuracy data for improving its streetlight projects and services.

Supporting global coordinate system settings, smart editing tools, and enhanced layer management, SuperSurv 3.1 allows surveyors and the maintenance crew to indentify the exact GPS location for each streetlight facility and utility pole and to obtain associated attribute data, ensuring that all street lights are properly maintained. SuperSurv 3.1 is the unique mobile GIS application based on Android OS on the market, enabling field workers to complete surveying tasks with ease.

Serving as Supergeo’s principal business partner in Italy, Helix S.r.l. is technically proficient in customizing GIS solutions to geospatial-related problems. With Helix S.r.l.’s great help, Android users can now download the free trial of SueprSurv 3.1 from Google Play Store to simplify field data collection. SuperSurv 3.1 free trial is available from Google Play Store

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