Table of Contents – The American Surveyor – Vol.10, No.7 2013

Editorial: Dykes v. Arnold
A criticism of Chad Erickson’s articles about this groundbreaking case.
By Marc Cheves, PS
Angle Points: San Diego Grand Jury Issues Report on City Survey Practices
Pressure has resulted in the city taking the right steps to do the right thing.
By Michael J. Pallamary, PS
The Trimble Rockies Campus
Applying everything it has created or bought, Trimble is maximizing BIM-to-field solutions for its new campus in Denver.
By Vicki Speed
The Royal Observatory
Joining a group of American surveyors, the author learns about mistresses, meridians, longitude and time.
By C. Barton Crattie, LS, CFM
Surveying the Southern California Coast—Part 1
Retracing the Thirty-Ninth Parallel to United States-Mexico Boundary Arc of Primary Triangulation.
By Jay Satalich, PS
Sharing of Topcon Photos a Global Experience
From around the world, users respond with their photos.
By Don Talend
Footsteps: The Parcel Map with No Monuments
Our product reviewer takes an extensive look at this popular software and hardware.
By Landon Blake, PS
The Curt Brown Chronicles: Helping Surveyors Remember the Past
You can be crazy to be a surveyor, but you can never be stupid.
Compiled by Michael J. Pallamary, PS
Trucks: The Early Years
One of the great enabling technologies for surveyors in the early Twentieth Century was the small truck.
By Albert “Skip” Theberge
Vantage Point: Exactions versus Extortion
A pending Supreme Court case might bring big changes in how the permit-issuing game is played.
By Wendy Lathrop, PS, CFM