Softree Optimal Beta Released

Softree Technical Systems Inc. of Vancouver British Columbia, today announced the first beta release of Softree Optimal, a new technology for determining the best alignment position. The Softree Optimal technology is independent of design software. However, the first version (beta) has been implemented in RoadEng®, the companies lightweight, easy to use design software.
Project leader, Dr. Alexis Guigue, commented, "This technology is a ‘game changer’. It can be used to check or improve existing designs. It can be used for both planning and detailed design. It’s not going to replace engineers, but it is fast, and accurate. It saves time and construction dollars. It really is the way of the future. In the test cases we have run so far (~ 10 projects),we have consistently seen construction savings between 5 and 20%. We are keen for other organization to verify these results."
Softree will be beta testing this new technology over the next few months. During this phase, Softree Optimal will be available to qualified companies at no cost.
For further information contact:
Softree Technical Systems Inc.
#204 1075 West 1st Street
North Vancouver
B.C. Canada
phone: 604-519-6222