SPECIM Announces the Release of SpecSensor SDK for Rapid Hyperspectral Sensor Software Integration


Oulu, Finland; May 13, 2013 – SPECIM, Spectral Imaging, Ltd., announces the release of SpecSensor SDK, a software development kit for rapid development of data acquisition and camera control application using SPECIM’s hyperspectral sensors. Rich of 17 years of experience in both hardware and software development, SPECIM is investing a lot of effort in order to provide customers with the next generation tools they need to insure their success. SpecSensor SDK is a first milestone and will help the customers in building their own software, even before the sensor hardware can be made available. With SpecSensor SDK, it is possible to control SPECIM’s hyperspectral sensor parameters and acquire the data in a unified manner.

"Some of the biggest challenges were to design a unified software interface for all our sensors, not subject to any changes in time, being flexible and offering great performance while keeping the SDK as simple as possible", states Damien Lefèvre, Systems Architect and Software Team Leader at SPECIM. SpecSensor SDK is a C++ development kit providing a feature based system. Sensor properties can be added without a need for integration updates and properties are accessed by named strings. Having a fixed set of available functions not subject to any changes in time, SPECIM will be able to provide software updates and support for new sensors without breaking backward compatibility with existing systems. SPECIM is investing a lot in studying several software optimization techniques. Using these techniques, SpecSensor SDK offers great performance, taking advantage of the available computer hardware resources. SpecSensor SDK is easy to use: basic sensor parameter settings and data acquisition can be done in about 10 lines of SpecSensor SDK instructions.

"Once SpecSensor SDK has been integrated into a software product, one can use all SPECIM’s existing and upcoming sensors!" states Henri Hagberg, Machine Vision Specialist at SPECIM. Having a unified software interface, all the common sensor properties are accessed with the same names. In order to use different sensor models, only the sensor index needs to be changed. This will drastically decrease the effort required by system integrators and OEM customers to use SPECIM’s sensors.

Being a C++ library and not exposing any binary structures, SpecSensor SDK has very good interoperability with other programming languages. With the help of pilot customers and partners, SPECIM has been developing several wrappers, including wrappers for C#, Java, Matlab and LabView. Other interesting ones will be available this year.

SpecSensor SDK is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms, and has been tested on Windows XP/Vista/7 operating systems.

With the release of SpecSensor SDK, SPECIM expects to provide a straightforward path to sensor software integration, allowing customers to focus more on the data handling and analysis than the technical aspect of the integration, so saving precious time and money.

SpecSensor SDK will be available in May 2013.

SPECIM Spectral Imaging Ltd. is the world leading manufacturer of hyperspectral imaging instruments and systems. In addition to AISA airborne remote sensing systems, SPECIM provides ImSpector Imaging Spectrographs, Spectral Cameras and Hyperspectral Imaging Solutions to an increasing range of demanding industrial and science applications like colour measurement, recycling, process analytical technology (PAT), life sciences, chemical imaging and forensics. For further information about SPECIM, please visit www.specim.fi. For more information about SpecSensor SDK please contact SPECIM at info@specim.fi or tel. +358 10 4244 400.