Bluesky Images Celebrate History of Tour de France

Coalville, Leicestershire, 08 May 2013 – Aerial photographs from Bluesky are to feature in a soon to be published book ‘Le Tour 100’. Licensed by Cosmographics, an award winning cartographic services company, the Bluesky images were used to create graphics illustrating stages of the world famous Tour de France cycle race from 2007 and 1974. The actual race routes were plotted on the high resolution images of central London and Plymouth before being ‘draped’ over a terrain model to give depth, and rotated to provide the best perspective for illustrative purposes.
“A stage of the Tour de France was chosen for 100 of the past races,” commented Alan Grimwade, Owner of Watford based Cosmographics. “The two stages that were chosen for the UK were the 2007 London stage and the 1974 Plymouth stage. Having worked with Bluesky in the past we knew their archive to be extensive and their images to be of the highest quality, and we were not disappointed.”
He continued, “Using the carefully selected Bluesky images we plotted the actual route taken by the race during the stages identified. Then using a simple terrain model we created graphics with depth and perspective to give a multi-dimensional ‘real world’ view.”
The book ‘Le Tour 100’ charts the history of the world’s most famous road cycle race – the Tour de France. Containing 100 computer generated artworks, including those created by Cosmographics using the Bluesky aerial photographs, Le Tour 100 is a unique and stunning reference guide. Published to commemorate the 100th race, 100 seminal moments were chosen by a panel of authors. A double page spread is devoted to each selection and shows the route, the story of the stage, the topography, pictures from the race, statistic and features. Written by Peter Cossins, Isabel Best, Chris Sidwells and Clare Griffith Le Tour 100 is due to be published by Cassell Illustrated in May 2013.
About Bluesky
Bluesky is a UK-based specialist in aerial imaging and remote sensing data collection and processing. An internationally recognised leader with projects extending around the globe, Bluesky is proud to work with prestigious organisations such as Google, the BBC and Government Agencies. Bluesky has recently invested in the latest multi sensor technology which combines a high performance LiDAR, Thermal Sensor and RGB Camera in one system. This system is a world first and puts Bluesky at the cutting edge of remote sensing data collection. Bluesky has unrivalled expertise in the creation of seamless, digital aerial photography, DTMs, DSMs and 3D landscape/cityscape visualisations and prints. Bluesky is also leading the way by developing innovative solutions for environmental applications including the UK’s first detailed, nationwide tree map as well as solar potential reports, citywide ‘heat loss’ maps, 3D and historical imagery.

About Cosmographics
Established in 1987, through a management buy-out by former members of Hunting Surveys Limited, Cosmographics founding principles were to deliver an independent, fully comprehensive and expert service to the cartographic publishing industry. Since formation, the company has built up an enviable reputation for quality cartography throughout the industry, delivering the very highest standards in map design and production. A versatile workspace means they can cater for the needs of every potential customer, be it solely map design, or map production through to digital and cromalin proofs, and even facilities for large format printing.

About Octopus
Octopus is a leading publisher of illustrated books. They are comprised of nine imprints, and as a group have extensive experience of working with high profile authors, trusted partners and associations to produce exciting, market leading books. Their imprints each have their own identity and all publish highly successful titles of outstanding quality and content… Cassell Illustrated publishes popular culture, history, entertainment, sport and contemporary reference titles. Recent high profile titles have come from an enviable stable of authors and contributors.