FARO 3D Documentation User Meeting in Strasbourg: High-tech Meets Antiquity

FARO 3D documentation user meeting in Strasbourg demonstrates the potential of modern laser scanning for the construction and real estate sectors, as well as in documenting historical sites / Other topics include the use of laser scanners in industry and in mobile mapping.

Coventry, 06th May, 2013 – FARO Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: FARO): On 13 and 14 June 2013, numerous experts in 3D documentation by laser scanning will meet once again at Strasbourg’s "Convention and Conference Centre". This year’s FARO 3D documentation user meeting is a collective platform for sharing ideas. Those interested in new technology will also find themselves in just the right place here. During the two days event, participants can expect a total of more than 40 practical workshops. These will be complemented by more than ten diverse presentations by laser scanning experts. Experience has shown that between the presentations and the workshops there will still be plenty of time for networking and technical discussion.

Among other topics, on the first day architect, Johannes Rechenbach, from Hanover will demonstrate how building planning can be simplified and above all improved by means of 3D data that is accurate and always up-to-date. Rechenbach has accumulated many years of experience working with FARO laser scanners and will report on his office’s current projects. Three-dimensional laser scanning gives architects and facility managers’ distinct advantages, particularly when surveying existing structures. On the second day, Dietmar Backes from University College London (UCL) will talk about the great benefits of technology with Green BIM.

One core theme of this year’s 3D documentation user meeting is the use of laser scanning technology to survey listed structures and cultural heritage sites. For example, Pierre Grussenmeyer from Strasbourg INSA, National Institute for Applied Sciences, will talk about an initiative which aims to fully document cultural heritage sites in Europe using laser scanning. These will then be recorded for posterity and accessible irrespective of location. Juan Roberto Vásquez is coming to the user meeting with an impressive example, namely the digital surveying data of the historic waste water system (Cloaca Maxima) under the Forum Romanum in Rome. The CEO of Indissoluble, a specialist in multimedia-architecture, will report on the exciting project, for which the surveying work had to take place in complete darkness and in very irregular underground passages. In this case, 3D laser scanning was the only technical solution. The laser scans have provided the most precise data about the ancient ruins to date and provided information about the state of the dilapidated channels. Furthermore, they have made it possible to review the accuracy of scientific documents and to gain new archaeological insights. At the same time, the scans will make this historically important location digitally accessible to the public from now on.

Once again this year the possible applications of three-dimensional laser scanning in industry, for example in automotive industry, form another topic of the user meeting. Here the technology offers significant advantages for optimizing processes and for quality assurance. Furthermore, on the first day several workshops will give an insight into the exciting field of mobile mapping. In these processes, laser scanners are installed on vehicles and the 3D data is collected on the move. This opens up new possibilities for many sectors.

Alongside specific scanning projects, diverse and innovative software solutions are also on the agenda. Participants will find out in a vivid way how the 3D data can be processed very easily with these solutions. Likewise, there will be examples showing in which form and via which channels 3D models can be displayed. The user meeting event is being organised once again by FARO, a specialist in portable measurement technology and a provider of high-end software solutions.

An Alsace evening, providing insights into regional traditions and delicacies, will round off the first day.

Further details about the agenda: http://user-meeting.faro.com/Agenda/#

Register at: https://www.faro-usermeeting.com

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