San Jose Battles Food Insecurity with Integrated Geospatial Technologies

This feature originally appeared in Informed Infrastructure.

PROJECT SUMMARY: In an ambitious geospatial project, San Jose State University and local non-profit, Garden to Table, joined forces to connect families in need with excess local produce. This Urban-Forestry-meets-Agriculture project enabled the group to more than double its collection and distribution of fresh produce, feeding the hungry with fruits grown locally in private yards and gardens.

PROJECT DATE: October 2012

Food security is a growing social and economic challenge that knows no political boundaries. Even in the United States, an astonishing 18 million households were labeled ‘food insecure’ in 2011 because they lacked the means at some point during the year to feed all of their members. The negative impacts of food insecurity can range from poor academic performance and rising healthcare costs to increased crime and social unrest…

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