Rutland Awards Highway Surveying and Asset Management Software Contract to Yotta DCL

Yotta DCL is currently working with Rutland County Council, UK, with Horizons visualised asset management software, highway condition and asset inventory surveys, and technical support. The Horizons web-based mapping software provides Rutland with a comprehensive model of the County’s highway network, enabling the highways team to gain full visibility of all survey data and high-resolution video imagery for developing maintenance schemes and work programmes.

The service covers the provision of Horizons software and training, traffic speed condition surveying (SCANNER) and six-camera asset video capture to provide a digital view of Rutland’s plus 550 km highway network and associated asset inventory. Yotta DCL will also extract asset inventory data for classified, some unclassified roads and footways.

The digital information will help build a clear picture of Rutland’s assets to help with producing the necessary documentation for Whole of Government Accounts (WGA). The WGA returns have a deadline for the end of July 2013, so Yotta DCL’s consultants are already focusing on the work. In addition, Yotta DCL will provide a Footway Network Survey (FNS Enhanced Option 2) to record the lateral extent of footpath condition for Rutland. The company will also perform skid resistance surveys on the County’s A roads.

When the work is complete Rutland will have a comprehensive, up-to-date electronic record of its highway network that is easy to interrogate and use. This will help the highways team to create and select the most cost effective maintenance schemes that maximise the longevity of the County’s roads and footpaths.

“The package of surveys and new software from Yotta DCL will revolutionise how we manage and maintain our network. We have very little existing digitised network information and when Yotta DCL has completed its surveying work, we’ll have a current and accurate view of our assets. Horizons will help us to improve the way we manage and maintain the network’s roads and footpaths. Like every highway authority, we have to maximise our maintenance budgets and with this investment in Yotta DCL’s services and technology we believe we can achieve our goals,” said Neil Tomlinson, Contract and Maintenance Engineer, Rutland County Council.