TERRASTAR Positioning with Septentrio GNSS Receivers for Airborne Geophysical Surveys

Leuven, Belgium – Septentrio announced today that GeoDuster Technologies (South Africa), a premium integrator of systems and software built to aid exploration success, has selected the TERRASTAR-D® “Precise Point Positioning (PPP)” service and Septentrio GNSS receivers for use in airborne geophysical surveys for mining geology, exploration, and environmental applications.

terrascan airborne (Germany), a customer of GeoDuster Technologies is using the TERRASTAR D® service with Septentrio AsteRx2eL GNSS receivers to geo-reference high density magnetic gradient radiometric measurements onboard a modern light aircraft. terrascan airborne performs geophysical services in Africa, where they rely on the TERRASTAR-D® service for precise positioning of geophysical data captured in remote location and in difficult to access environments.

TERRASTAR D® in combination with Septentrio dual-frequency GNSS receivers provides a global, seamless, high-accuracy position – often better than 10cm – at high updates rate that does not require local base stations, radios or cell coverage. TERRASTAR D® uses both GPS and GLONASS satellites to allow a reliable positioning around the world and a faster convergence even in the most demanding user environments.

“The positioning service capabilities are very well integrated with Septentrio hardware and deliver excellent performance in a lightweight package at reasonable pricing,” said Jon Holst, owner at GeoDuster Technologies. “The combination that provides complete coverage for accurate land positioning with no ground infrastructure is an ideal solution for surveying in this part of the world!”

About Septentrio
Septentrio Satellite Navigation designs, manufactures, sells and supports high-precision OEM GNSS receivers for the most demanding professional navigation, positioning and timing applications. Septentrio delivers breakthrough technology in the development of high-end GNSS receivers and the integration of hybrid solutions. Septentrio instruments offer unrestricted signal tracking capability and the most comprehensive range of countermeasures to mitigate GNSS vulnerability. For more information about the TERRASTAR D® service, please visit the website at www.septentrio.com/terrastar.

About GeoDuster
GeoDuster Technologies delivers highly integrated data acquisition, grid navigation and magnetic compensation systems for the very demanding geophysical exploration industry. GeoDuster designs systems and support services of highly sophisticated airborne and land based solutions. GeoDuster products bring ultra SwaP (Size Weight and Power) reduction through a totally integrated systems approach.