Surdex Purchases Leica ALS70-HP Airborne Laser Scanner

Norcross, Georgia, USA, 02 April 2013 – Leica Geosystems Inc. today announced that Surdex Corporation has purchased a Leica ALS70-HP airborne laser scanner. Surdex took delivery of the Leica ALS70-HP system in December 2012 and has already deployed it on several mapping projects, taking full advantage of the powerful new LiDAR’s ability to capture elevation data with a high point density at fast airspeeds.

Founded in 1954, Surdex is a premier provider of geospatial services, including both aerial imaging and LiDAR mapping. With nine aircraft, the firm is one of the largest aerial mapping companies in the nation, operating three Leica Z/I Imaging DMC cameras, Leica RCD30 Oblique camera systems, and a Leica ADS80 pushbroom digital camera. As part of the Leica ALS70 purchase, Surdex traded in the Leica ALS50-II LiDAR it has operated in numerous terrain mapping projects across the United States over the past five years.

“We chose to upgrade to the Leica ALS70-HP to increase our competitiveness in the burgeoning LiDAR services market place,” said Ron Hoffmann, Surdex President. “With this advancement in airborne laser scanning technology, Leica Geosystems has done an outstanding job pushing the technology forward while also supporting its client base.”

For applications today, high point density is one of the capabilities in greatest demand by the end users of LiDAR data, even in mountainous terrain. The Leica ALS70-HP, with effective pulse rates up to 500 kHz, satisfies these market demands.

“Staying competitive in today’s LiDAR market means collecting a higher density of points without sacrificing flying speed – it’s all about efficiency, and the ALS70 gives us an edge,” said Hoffmann.

The Leica ALS70 is an affordable airborne laser scanner with a maximum effective pulse rate of 500 kHz designed specifically for high-density point collection in diverse environments. The Leica ALS70-HP version purchased by Surdex was developed for both high-density terrain mapping at mid- to high-altitudes as well as low-altitude corridor mapping. The power of the ALS70 enables operators to collect at higher point density with fewer flight lines, saving time and money.

“The airborne LiDAR market is among the most demanding in the geospatial industry right now,” said Jean Gardiner, General Manager of Leica Geospatial Solutions. “The ALS70 is designed to keep Leica Geosystems’ clients one step ahead.”

Surdex Corporation (
Surdex Corporation is based in the St. Louis, Missouri area and is celebrating its 58th consecutive year of successful operation in the aerial mapping and geospatial services profession. Nearly all of the company’s 100 people work out of the Chesterfield, Missouri headquarters. With a fleet of 9 aircraft, 6 digital aerial sensors, film cameras, and LiDAR instrumentation, the company has become one of the 10 largest such companies in North America. Surdex serves federal, state, and local government clientele as well as private engineering, utilities, and defense mapping.

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