Geodetic Surveying & Bilby Tower Building (2 of 3)

This DVD, filmed in 1976 by geodesist Dave Lehman, constitutes an incremental excerpt from a joint NGS- State of Connecticut multi year geodetic triangulation project. This was one of the last of the large "line of sight" area triangulation projects.

Geodetic Surveying & Tower Building

A Film by David Lehman – Clip 2 14:04
The Bilby Tower segment of this CD is with NGS Field Party G-23. The Chief of Party (not shown) was James "Phil" Cook. The tower building surveying techs are: Building Foreman – AI Sulfridge. Builders: Joe Lindsay, Gene Thacker, Max Hetrick, Barry Myers and Builder/Geodesist – Dave Lehman.

Dismantling the tower in preparation to move it.
Clip 1
Clip 3