Septentrio Reports an Autonomous Real-Time PVT Calculation using Galileo IOV Satellites with a Standard Commercial Receiver

Leuven, Belgium – March 12, 2013 – Septentrio announced today that they have obtained, based on live ICD compliant Galileo messages from the four Galileo IOV satellites, a first autonomous real-time Galileo PVT calculation. The standalone position was calculated from in-orbit navigation messages using a standard PolaRx4 GNSS receiver equipped with commercially released firmware.

This achievement comes hot on the heels of another recent Septentrio milestone; the announcement of a first GPS+Glonass+BeiDou PVT less than two weeks after the BeiDou2 ICD publication in December. This ability to rapidly incorporate new constellations demonstrates clearly the unmatched flexibility of the architecture of Septentrio receivers. Today, Septentrio again provides evidence of the extraordinary value and expertise its customers gain from an investment in state-of-the-art products for which the company has become renowned in the world of high-end multi-frequency receiver design.

“We are delighted that Septentrio receivers are amongst the first to witness the readiness of the Galileo navigation message to perform a position fix from in orbit signals,” commented Peter Grognard, Septentrio’s founder and CEO. “Septentrio has been involved since 2003 in all major milestones that pave the way for the European constellation genesis.”

Leuven, Belgium – March 12, 2013 : Septentrio announced to have obtained the first 4-constellation PVT performed by a standard commercial receiver. On Tuesday 12-Mar-2013 at approximately 10:35 UTC we included 3 Galileo IOV satellites (E12, E19 & E20) in a multi-constellation PVT. The 3D-position fix happened shortly after it was brought to Septentrio’s attention that the Galileo IOV satellites were transmitting, for the first time ever, a fully usable navigation message as part of an ESA experiment.

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