State Licensure Web Tool Announced by ASPRS

Licensure and State Regulations for Georeferenced Imagery, Authoritative Ortho Mosaics, Lidar, and Topographic Survey

The ASPRS Professional Practice Division (PPD) maintains an online resource to provide up-to-date information on the current State regulations relative to the provision of georeferenced imagery, authoritative orthophotography (ortho mosaics), lidar, and topographic survey services. Each state is color-coded relative to the existence of regulations for each of the categories. A link to the state statutes is provided. The information is presented on a map interface under the following links:

A Flash map interface:

An ArcGIS interface:

The online map represents ASPRS’ best effort at determining current State licensing requirements for photogrammetry and related remote sensing services. This map is not a definitive interpretation of State laws or requirements. It is intended as a resource to assist photogrammetric mapping and remote sensing professionals in determining specific State requirements.