Intuicom Cellular Amplifier Greatly Increases Productivity for Precision Guidance Applications

Boulder, CO (March 8, 2013) – Intuicom Inc., a leading provider of wireless precision guidance solutions for the agriculture market, in now offering a proprietary cellular amplifier to complement their line of RTK Bridge® products.

Exclusively designed for Intuicom, this amplifier provides the ability to work in areas with poor cellular coverage, boost cellular signals, and is compatible with all major cellular technologies including EVDO, CDMA, GSM and HSPA standards.

The field-hardened amplifier provides built-in Automatic Gain Control (AGC) which continually adjusts for optimal performance. This helps stabilize connections and reduces the problems associated with tower switching. Available as a standalone or in a heavy-duty Pelican™ case, it’s designed to stand up the toughest environmental conditions.

“Users report our new direct connect amplifier eliminates cell tower conflicts. And thanks to the increased signal gain threshold it allows them to work in areas previously out of cell coverage,” stated Jim Sidwell, Intuicom’s RTK sales manager.

Intuicom is the originator of the RTK Bridge, an innovative solution for connecting to and extending RTK corrections, making it possible to work in areas where other precision GPS solutions won’t. The RTK Bridge is compatible with all major GPS/GNSS equipment manufacturers as well as all major cellular carriers, regardless of technology.

About Intuicom
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