Property Records Industry Association Board Approves Portals White Paper for Publication

Morrisville, N.C. – The Board of Directors of the Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) has approved for publication the group’s most recent White Paper, “eRecording Portals.” This White Paper was produced and submitted by PRIA’s Business and Technical Requirements Work Group under the guidance of the Technology Committee.

The purpose of this White Paper is to:
• provide a definition for “portals” in the context of eRecording
• serve as a guide for both public and private organizations considering the creation or initiation of an eRecording portal
• increase the awareness of both the benefits and the responsibilities of using an eRecording portal
• identify the benefits and advantages of working with a portal when compared with the traditional paper-based recording methods
• help Recorders and Submitters become more informed consumers
• demonstrate how eRecording portals help assure Recorders and Submitters that eRecording is a valid, accepted and valuable process

The members of the Business and Technical Requirement Work Group have been developing the content for this White Paper since 2009 and have held multiple open forums for discussion of the content at PRIA’s bi-annual conferences and issued drafts for review by the membership.

According to the Work Group Co-chair, Larry Burtness, Washoe County, Nev., “The Portals White Paper is an excellent example of the collaborative contributions of government and business coming to a consensual agreement on a subject that affects so many in the property records industry. Portals are a mainstream component of the increasingly valuable eRecording technology toolset.”

“Portals are an integral part of eRecording today. Knowing what it takes to operate a portal provides recorders and submitters with a better understanding of eRecording,” said Karl Trottnow, operations supervisor for the national recording business unit of First American Title Insurance Company’s Mortgage Services group, and business sector co-chair of the Work Group.

Kay Wrucke, PRIA president and recorder in Martin Co., Minn., observed, “This White Paper has been a work in process and the resulting document is a valuable resource for anyone considering a portals option. PRIA was founded on the premise that government and business, working in concert, can find the solutions to the challenges that land records professionals face every day in the workplace.”

The briefing paper is accessible on the PRIA website ( for both members and non- members.

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