Use Your iPad or iPhone for Stakeout

January 24, 2013, Oregon, USA – CMTINC.COM announces the release of the Stakeout iCMT software application for the Apple iPad and iPhone. "Stakeout iCMT" is a handy and economic tool to help the surveyors perform point stakeout and line stakeout tasks. It will let the user precisely digitize Points, Lines and Areas of interest over the built-in Map. The users may also import the design data from Shapefiles or DXF files.
In conjunction with a compatible high-accuracy GPS device, the point stakeout function can guide the user to the target Feature, such as an old landmark. The Line Stakeout function will continually display the distance between the user and the user’s projected position on a Line or Area, enabling the user to move parallel to or along the target line. This function can help the user stake fence lines or river boundaries, or lay out long pipelines in undeveloped areas. The users may email the job files, output the Feature data as DXF files or send the Feature data to a PDF file.
Detailed Function List:
• Precisely digitize Points, Lines and Areas over the built-in Map.
* Import the Features from Shapefile or DXF file.
• Move existing nodes to fine-tune the map drawing.
• View the position, length and area of the Features.
• Label the Line segments with lengths and directions as well as corner angles.
• Label the Areas with size in acres and square feet or hectares and square meters.
• Measure distances and areas without saving the shapes.
• Create a Point from the entered address or coordinates.
• Create a Point or record a node by picking the GPS location.
• Use GPS to go to and stake out Points or successive nodes on a Feature.
• Use GPS to stake out a Line or Area boundary.
• Save the job data file for later use.
• Export Features in DXF format.
• Output the drawing and the coordinates to a PDF file.
• Send out the job data, DXF and PDF files via email.
This Stakeout iCMT app is now available from the iTunes App Store.