Wade Trim Wins Engineering Excellence Award

Tampa, Fla. – Wade Trim – a leading water/wastewater, transportation, civil engineering, and planning firm – was awarded a Grand Award for Engineering Excellence from the Florida Institute of Consulting Engineers (FICE) for their work on the Mitchell Water Treatment Plant Improvements, part of the Seven Springs utility system in Pasco County. The award will be presented at FICE’s annual awards banquet on August 2, 2013.
“This award is so meaningful to Wade Trim because it represents recognition of the hard work and problem solving that our team employs to bring any project to completion,” said Tom Brzezinski, Wade Trim’s Chief Business Development Officer.
Robert Dickson, Capital Program Manager for the Florida Governmental Utility Authority (FGUA), said “When the FGUA purchased the Seven Springs utility system in 2009, we vowed to improve the water system, meet district standards, and bring clean, high-quality water to the people. Under the leadership of our consultant Wade Trim, we achieved all these goals – on time and nearly $2 million under budget.”
Plant improvements included treatment techniques to handle various water quality challenges posed by the different raw water wells. Forced draft aeration with dual stage chemical odor control was selected to remove the hydrogen sulfide from the raw water. Pressure filters then remove iron, organics, and particulate matter from the water. The project also included nearly seven miles of raw water main construction, and construction of five interconnections with the Pasco County water system for supplemental water supply.

Today, the Mitchell Water Treatment Plant is capable of treating up to 2.9 million gallons of water per day during peak times, and the groundwater withdrawal wells have been restored to pumping levels permitted by the water management district to minimize impacts to sensitive area waters. After more than 17 years of poor water quality, Seven Springs customers now have clean water.

About Wade Trim
Established in 1926, Wade Trim provides water/wastewater engineering, civil engineering, landscape architecture, urban planning, and transportation services to governmental and private development clients. The company has been ranked by CE Magazine as one of the top design firms in the country.