Azersu OJSC’s GIS-based Water Infrastructure Asset Management Project Wins 2012 Bentley Be Inspired Award

Project Brought Cutting-edge GIS to Azerbaijan’s Water and Wastewater Infrastructure through Use of Bentley Software that Helped Save Azersu USD 800,000 in Seven Months

Baku, Azerbaijan – January 8, 2013 – Azersu OJSC, an organization in charge of state policy and strategy in the field of water supply, drinking water supply, and sanitation services, today announced that its GIS-based Infrastructure Asset Management project in Baku, Azerbaijan, has won a 2012 Be Inspired Award from Bentley Systems, Incorporated. Bentley is the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure. The project won in the “Innovation in Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Networks” category. The recipients of the Be Inspired Awards are selected by independent panels of jurors comprising accomplished Bentley users and distinguished industry experts. The awards honor the extraordinary work of Bentley users improving and sustaining the world’s infrastructure, recognizing outstanding and innovative project achievements in infrastructure design, construction, and operations.

Commenting on the award presented to Azersu OJSC, Richard Zambuni, Bentley Global Marketing Director, Geospatial and Utilities, said, “The projects in the ‘Innovation in Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Networks’ category demonstrate excellence in planning, designing, building, operating, modeling, and analyzing water, wastewater, or stormwater networks, thereby enhancing system efficiency and reliability.

“Azersu OJSC is in charge of the policy and strategy for Azerbaijan’s water supply and sanitation services. With the influx of oil revenues in Azerbaijan, Azersu embarked on a four-year infrastructure development program. The AzersuCIS project was launched in conjunction with this program to gather and store infrastructure data to improve the operation and maintenance of the system.

“The USD 3 million GIS project is an advanced urban infrastructure and environmental management solution that provides data security and access to maps and information for planning, construction, operations, and emergency management. Based on MicroStation and Bentley Map, AzersuCIS is web-accessible to more than 100 users in disparate locations. Azersu saved USD 800,000 in just seven months using the spatial database technology.

“The judges recognized this as a groundbreaking project bringing a cutting-edge GIS to Azerbaijan’s water and wastewater infrastructure through its innovative use of Bentley software. The project ensures streamlined data gathering, maintenance, and management, embracing extended contractor workflows and mobile GIS. On behalf of my colleagues at Bentley, I congratulate Azersu OJSC on this extraordinary accomplishment!”

Samir Ganili, IT Director of Azersu OJSC, said, “We are honored that our project has received a Be Inspired Award, one of the most coveted accolades in the infrastructure community. It is very gratifying to be recognized for successfully completing a project that is of such consequence to the people of Baku and the surrounding region. In planning for the AzersuCIS project, we began by carefully analyzing weaknesses in the city’s water and wastewater geospatial information system. Then, in keeping with our philosophy of always relying on a ‘create once, use many times’ approach, we set out to prevent the waste of precious time and resources that results when information isn’t consistently reused throughout the design, construction, and management of urban water infrastructure.”

He continued, “The integrated geographical information system we created with the help of Bentley software is an open-structured, location-based relational spatial database model that has user-friendly ways for our people to access and edit the information. It also features a powerful decision-support system that can quickly accomplish advanced geospatial analyses and evaluations. Moreover, it provides rich visualizations that make it easier for all stakeholders to gain a good understanding of the project and its objectives. The new system will ultimately result in increased sustainability of the city’s environment as well as enhanced quality of life for all of its residents.”

About the Be Inspired Awards Program
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About Bentley Systems, Incorporated
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About Azersu OJSC
Azersu OJSC is an organization in charge of state policy and strategy in the field of water supply, drinking water supply and sanitation services to consumers in a centralized manner. The company makes necessary arrangements for extraction of water from sources followed by treatment, transportation and sales. It also takes necessary actions for wastewater treatment. The company engages in design, construction, operation and maintenance of intake structures, reservoirs, pumping stations, water pipelines and sewer collectors. It supplies drinking water to 1,061 million subscribers across the country.
Current projects being undertaken include the reconstruction of water supply and sewerage systems in urban and rural areas of the Republic of Azerbaijan. These projects are financed using state funds and loans allocated by international financing institutions. For additional information about Azersu OJSC, visit