New Century Software Announces Simultaneous Product Enhancements to Streamline Alignment Sheet Generation

SheetCutter and TemplateDesigner are industry-proven applications used by many of the leading oil and gas companies to produce consistent and fast alignment sheets

Fort Collins, Colorado. December 11, 2012. New Century Software announces the release of SheetCutter 8.0 and TemplateDesigner 8.0, industry leading tools for generating alignment sheets from a pipeline GIS implementation within an Esri ArcMap environment. The new release of these sister applications includes significant enhancements to the workflow that pipeline operators and engineering firms experience when generating alignment sheets from a pipeline GIS. During the pipeline planning and construction process, many companies need to generate sheets that can be used to acquire necessary permits. These sheets typically contain information about the pipeline and the features it is intersecting, such as roads, property boundaries, or waterways. SheetCutter 8.0 and TemplateDesigner 8.0 make this process easier.

With this release, users can dynamically create definition queries during sheet generation. These queries filter data from specified layers to control what SheetCutter displays and reports from sheet to sheet, thus giving the user more control over the output. SheetCutter also provides a consolidated Chart band that lets users select whether they want data displayed in line, point, or chart format. They can even dynamically generate elevation charts using raster or the USGS Query Web Service, or plot point pipeline features on the chart, such as plotting crossing on a profile chart, in the same Chart Band. The Save Settings feature brings tremendous value for those who are managing many SheetCutter projects.

TemplateDesigner saves users valuable time by allowing users to create custom alignment sheet templates for use within SheetCutter. Improvements include a Table Summary band that summarizes pipe data in a tabular or “bill of material” format. A Band Manager panel allows users to quickly view the available band types and use them to create a mapping template. Users will also find the process of configuring data sources and editing symbology much quicker, thanks to the Table of Contents view.

Pipeline operators and engineering companies interested in learning about alignment sheet generation solutions from New Century Software are encouraged to attend our upcoming webinar, Implement an Enterprise Alignment Sheet Workflow on January 24, 2013. Visit our website for more information.

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