IGS GNSS Working Group Launches Multi-GNSS Experiment (MGEX) Website

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the IGS GNSS Working Group, I would like to point all interested users to the newly designed website


of the IGS multi-GNSS Experiment (MGEX)

Recognizing the rapid evolution of new signals and GNSS constellations, the IGS MGEX project aims to build up relevant infrastructure, know-how and processing capabilities in order to prepare for a future transition from GPS/GLONASS to a full-featured multi-GNSS Service.

The MGEX website serves as a central point of information for potential MGEX users and provides
• Information on the MGEX network status and direct links to MGEX data holdings
• Information on the individual constellations (with focus on Galileo, Compass/BeiDou-2, and QZSS) including recommended processing parameters (antenna offsets, attitude models), constellation changes, and spacecraft specific events
• Information on multi-GNSS data products provided by MGEX analysis centers and direct links to the respective data holdings.

We hope that the website facilitates access to MGEX results for the scientifc community and encourages active work in the field of multi-GNSS processing. The website will be updated on a regular basis to keep track of relevant events and to ensure up-to-date information for all interested users.

With best regards,

Oliver Montenbruck
Chair IGS GNSS Working Group
DLR, German Space Operations Center
D-82234 Wessling

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