SECO Offers New Universal Tri-Max Tripod

The New Universal Tri-Max: Go Higher, Go Lower, Go Beyond

Redding, CA — Traditionally, elevator tripods go in one direction – up. SECO’s new Universal Tri-Max® offers all of the quality features users have come to expect from a Tri-Max tripod and then adds one more: an aluminum center shaft and gear box which allows an instrument to be moved vertically, both up and down. An additional 1-m center section may be added for a total recommended height of 10 ft (3 m) for instruments under 15 lb (6.80 kg).

Many times trying to capture accurate data below the surface is difficult or dangerous. With the Universal Tri-Max’s unique ability to lower an instrument safely and securely inside tanks or manholes, this robust tripod can easily solve potential problems and avoid hazards.

Using a scanner or a robotic total station with the new SECO Universal Tri-Max Tripod will allow users to tackle many different types of jobs quickly, safely and more accurately – above or below ground.

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