Unabara Introduces HydroBar Hydrographic Tool

Unabara introduces its newest hydrographic tool, HydroBar, for calibrating hydrographic echo sounders during field surveys. HydroBar simplifies both sound velocity casts and “bar checks”.

A real-time sound velocimeter is combined with a sonar target (“bar”) and a Windows-based software APP which can run on your PC standalone or in the background of HYPACK, HydroPro or other hydrographic mapping software.

In CAST mode, a sound velocity and temperature vs. depth graph is automatically displayed on your PC and stored in industry standard file formats including .VEL for direct input to HYPACK.

In BAR CHECK mode, the software menu guides the user through simple steps to perform a bar check. Data is stored on your PC which automatically handles all calculations. The sound velocity at each bar depth, independent of the sound velocimeter is calculated to provide an added level of confidence in the velocimeter readings. The computed average sound velocity over the water column is also provided along with computed echo sounder transducer depth (draft) and system error/index.

Sensors and electronics are housed in the HydroBar’s case which is connected to the user’s PC (USB port) via a single Kevlar reinforced cable which provides power to the HydroBar and inputs data to the PC. The HydroBar’s disk target (35.5 cm diameter) contains an integral cable reel for the tether cable, adding to its portability.

For complete product information, please visit: www.hydrobar.info