New Altus GNSS Survey Receiver Provides Real-Time Global Decimeter-Level Positioning Accuracy Without a Reference Station

APS-3L Is First to Use New Veripos TERRASTAR-D L-Band Satellite Differential Service

Hannover, Germany – Oct. 23, 2012 – Altus Positioning Systems today announced the introduction of the APS-3L high-precision GNSS receiver.

The APS-3L is the first GNSS survey receiver on the market with embedded L-band capability to work with the new Veripos TERRASTAR-D differential correction service. It is being shown for the first time to the worldwide surveying community at the INTERGEO trade fair in Hannover, Germany, this week.

The APS-3L provides real-time kinematic (RTK) and precise point positioning (PPP) with integrated embedded UHF, cellular, and L-band satellite differential interfaces. When out of wireless range of terrestrial UHF radios or cellular networks, the system seamlessly transitions to L-band satellite connections for continuous decimeter-level PPP.

TERRASTAR-D is a new satellite differential service just introduced by Veripos for land-based surveying applications. TERRASTAR-D provides position accuracy at better than 10 cm (95 percent), with robust performance even in areas of high ionospheric interference. TERRASTAR-D provides complete global dual-beam coverage through a network of more than 80 reference stations transmitting on seven L-band satellites. All reference stations are housed in secure locations and equipped with dual redundant systems and back-up power. Operating on seven independent satellites with overlapping coverage means that a minimum of two satellites are always visible at most locations in the world.

“Our new APS-3L with embedded Veripos L-band differential capability will enable surveyors to standardize on a single GNSS instrument,” said Neil Vancans, president of Altus Positioning Systems. “This opens new markets for customers in the agriculture, forestry, oil/gas, mining and construction industries with operations in remote regions and harsh environments.”

“Users with a requirement for a separate antenna and receiver will find our new APS-U model also has an L-band version for vehicle-mounted positioning in rugged environments or use as a heading receiver,” Vancans added.

The L-band decimeter-level products augment Altus’ growing lineup of surveying instruments based on the APS-3 platform, which provides a 136-channel GPS/GLONASS/SBAS receiver, hot-swap Lithium-Ion batteries, removable 2 GB SD card and other popular features. Altus’ open-architecture design allows the APS-3 to be used with various data-collection software packages, including MicroSurvey FIELDGenius and Carlson SurvCE.

About Altus Positioning Systems
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