Bristol Water Saves Time and Money with Innovative Survey Solutions from Blom

European mapping specialist Blom have completed a further aerial survey for Bristol Water. Following the success of the first aerial survey for Bristol Water in 2011, Blom were commissioned to provide further aerial survey services for a second water main project near Frome, Somerset.

Key to Blom’s survey services is the latest survey cameras mounted to fixed wing aircraft. Not only does this offer efficient data capture, but also minimizes health and safety risks faced by workers and disruption to traffic on the ground.

Nol Vincent, Senior Project Manager at Bristol Water said “This method has saved us both time and money when compared to traditional topographical survey services. There was no need to wait for Land Entry or Environmental Services to be undertaken before the survey took place. What’s more, we have found Blom’s airborne solutions a more efficient method on longer pipeline installations where timescales are critical.”

To meet Bristol Water’s requirements Blom collected 3cm resolution imagery of the entire route. This imagery was then used for subsequent mapping of all ground features at a 1:500 scale. Further mapping was completed at a 1:100 scale with the addition of two small scale ground surveys. This was then used to produce 0.5m contours of the site, providing critical information for future route feasibility and detailed design.

About Blom
The Blom Group is the largest provider of geospatial services in Europe for both government agencies and private commercial organizations and companies. Blom owns exclusive spatial databases composed of maps, images and 3D models. Focused on online services, Blom provides data and solutions to its customers in many markets and allows its partners to create high added-value applications based on Blom data models and services. This strategy is backed by Blom’s major technical capacity in aircrafts, cameras, laser scanners and mapping systems. This makes it possible for all projects to be carried out within the company, assuring a high quality product is delivered both on-time and to budget. Blom has more than 900 employees and offices in 13 countries and its HQ is located in Oslo, Norway. Blom is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker BLO). For more information, visit The demand of advanced and high quality geographical information is steadily growing from year to year. BLOM holds a strong position in the digital geodata market and aims to be the most innovative service provider and preferred choice for its customers.”

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