AVEVA Launches the New AVEVA NET Gatekeeper and AVEVA Change Manager

New products promote assured information reliability throughout the asset lifecycle, for increased operational efficiency and regulatory compliance

Cambridge, UK –10 October 2012 – AVEVA today announced the launch of AVEVA NET Gatekeeper and AVEVA Change Manager, two new additions to the AVEVA Enterprise portfolio that together ensure information integrity throughout the asset lifecycle, supporting safety, operational efficiency and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Best practice in major capital development projects requires that the handover of the huge volume of information from the project’s Engineering Contractor (EPC) to the Owner Operator (OO) is phased throughout the life of the project rather than delivered retrospectively en masse. To manage this efficiently requires that all technical information related to every specific asset be confirmed for consistency, accuracy and completeness against a predefined set of information standards.

The new AVEVA NET Gatekeeper manages the handover of technical information, gathered from any source system, and simultaneously validates its integrity against the project information standards, before it is accepted into the AVEVA NET Workhub.   It generates detailed reports on the accuracy of all information for any necessary correction by the information owner, ensuring that only accepted, validated information is made available for visualisation and contextualisation.

Throughout the life of an asset changes are inevitable, and adjustments or enhancements to the validated information resulting from in-project changes, brownfield modifications or technical information clean-ups also need to be rigorously controlled. Working with AVEVA NET Gatekeeper, the new AVEVA Change Manager maintains information integrity and regulatory compliance through fully-audited, best-practice information change management processes. As a result, Owner Operators can make informed decisions based on an interactive overview of all changes made across projects, and ensure trustworthiness of all information throughout the entire life of the ‘as-built’ asset.

“We work closely with our customers to fully understand their concerns about meeting information standards for effective and accurate handovers and maintaining integrity during the operational phase of an asset”, said Derek Middlemas, COO and Head of Enterprise Solutions, AVEVA. “Using conventional tools, inaccuracies may not be discovered until – or even after – the final data handover stage.  Sometimes they can even remaining undetected through successive stages of a project.

“Making significant changes to an asset or process based on inaccurate, incomplete, inconsistent or inappropriate information could, at best, result in significant cost, due to major project rework and delays or, at worst, could impair asset performance or present significant safety and environmental hazards. These two new products ensure the complete reliability and integrity of all technical information to help eradicate such issues.”

Delegates at the AVEVA World Summit 2012 will be able to learn more and experience a live demonstration of both new products. More information is available at www.aveva.com/enterprise.

AVEVA is a leader in engineering design and information management solutions for the plant, power and marine industries. For more than 45 years it has delivered business critical software solutions to owner operators, engineering contractors and shipbuilders around the world. For further information please visit www.aveva.com/ednotes.