Trimble Adds New Flexible Track Maintenance and Construction System to its Railway Portfolio

Trimble GEDO CE 2.0 Trolley System and Trimble GEDO Office Software Streamlines Track Data
Collection and Processing to Keep Project Accuracy and Cost on Target

Berlin, Sept. 18, 2012—Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) introduced today a new addition to its Railway Solutions portfolio—the Trimble® GEDO CE 2.0 Trolley System and GEDO 2.0 Office 2.0 Software. The latest trolley system is lightweight, flexible and capable of quickly adapting to work on various railway gauges. In addition to using GPS/GNSS and optical sensors, the GEDO CE 2.0 Trolley also features the ability to use laser scanners for track clearance surveying applications.

The announcement was made at InnoTrans 2012, one of the largest international trade fairs for railway transportation technology.

The GEDO CE 2.0 Trolley System and GEDO Office 2.0 Software provide accurate as-built survey documentation for railway track maintenance and modernization. The trolley system’s new lightweight design is ideally suited for projects where the track is under traffic or the operator is working alone. With smooth data flow from the office to field, GEDO Office 2.0 Software provides enhanced processing for track documentation and pre-measuring for tamping.

“Trimble’s GEDO CE Trolley Systems have been widely adopted throughout Europe and Asia—and most recently North America and India—for railway maintenance, modernization and construction,” said Andreas Sinning, director of marketing for Trimble’s Railway Solutions Business. “Now, with the introduction of the latest system, the GEDO System delivers increased productivity to regions with multiple railway gauges allowing users to precisely measure a range of railway projects worldwide where standard, broad or narrow rail gauges may be used.”

The GEDO CE 2.0 Trolley System and GEDO Office 2.0 Software are available now from Trimble’s Railway Solutions distribution network. For more information, visit:

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