The Colorful Way to Scan: Colorfast, High Dynamic and Flexible, the Z+F IMAGER 5010C

(Wangen im Allgäu/Germany, october 10, 2012) – The Zoller + Fröhlich GmbH announced today the Z+F IMAGER® 5010C, one of the fastest terrestrial 3D laser scanner. Developed and manufactured by one of the pioneers and market leaders in the 3D laser scanning technology, the Z+F IMAGER 5010C complete with the fully integrated HDR camera (i-Cam).

The i-Cam, a low-noise CMOS colour camera, is fully integrated into the rotor, and therefore well protected against environmental influences. In order to achieve a perfect image quality, even under difficult lighting conditions, the camera provides full HDR panoramic images of up to 80 Mpixel per scan.

Z+F is known for its outstanding laser scanners worldwide. It has always been their aim to acquire data as fast as possible with a maximum data-quality and a minimum of user effort.

These objectives have guided the development of the Z+F IMAGER 5010C. The integrated camera works very well in all environments. One focus is to always provide realistic panoramas. To make the operation as user friendly as possible, the Z+F i-Cam is fully integrated into the Z+F IMAGER 5010C.

High Dynamic Range-Technique (HDR)
At each position, several images with different exposure times are taken (bracketing). The HDR image is generated from an exposure series, and therefore more lifelike than a single recorded image with only one exposure time.

Scanning process
While scanning the user only selects the Z+F i-Cam. No further adjustments have to be made.

Generating color-scans
The scans are colorized within the software Z+F LaserControl. A special HDR method has been developed for the Z+F i-Cam. This method yields a high dynamic-range-image directly from the input images.

To colorize one panoramic laserscan, 42 HDR images are generated and stitched to a complete HDR panorama. HDR image processing and colour mapping to laserscans are performed fully automatically for the entire project in batch processing.

HDR Camera
focus area 1 m – infinity

Panorama Compilation
image count for panorama 42
recording time (depend on the
environment exposure) ca. 3:30 Min.
panorama resolution ca. 80M Pixel

The Z + F IMAGER 5010C is expected to be delivered in November 2012. Detailed information will be obtained from the employee of Z+F.

More information about the new Z+F IMAGER 5010C are available at: