Z+F Announces LaserControl 8.3 AutoCAD Interface

Users of Kubit PointSense / PointCloud can capture geometric information from the 2D and 3D view and transfer it in real-time to the Autodesk AutoCAD user interface. This way, it is possible to digitize objects inside the scan-data and transfer in a single step to AutoCAD, which supersedes the need for file conversion. This can save a significant amount of time and reduces the risk of data loss due to conversion.

Reportfile with Registration Results included in the Register Module
The quality of the registration process is the deci-sive factor for meeting any preset accuracy requirements. Now, registration reports can be generated automatically as a PDF-file, which illustrates the alignment of scan-data in figures and numbers. This enables better traceability of the calculation.

Plane-to-Plane Registration
The new module Plane-to-Plane registration offers the user another possibility to align scans without the use of targets. This module registers scans by automatically assigning homologous planes to a scan-dataset and is well suited to align a large amount of interior rooms. The user only needs to pre-align the scans by setting the relations between them. The alignment then goes automatically.

3D Mask Selection with Rotation
A new feature was introduced to help with the selection of points via the 3D cube. The new version allows to not only translate the cube, but also to rotate it. This means, that points can be selected faster and more efficiently without the need for several cubes. By rotating, the position of a cube can now be fine-tuned, so that the maximum number of points to be removed lie within its boundaries.

Highcontrast overlay image
The readability of the grayscale image can now be further improved in specific areas by local contrast enhancement.

Register Traverse
The new feature “Register Traverse” allows to simply and quickly register scan-data.

By scanning back and forthside (to the last and the next scan position), the current scan position can be determined. By finalizing on a known point, the traverse can be controlled. If the position-numbers of the current survey station, as well as back and forthside are provided in the field, they will be automatically stored in the file-header and later automatically transferred to LaserControl.

-No need for time-consuming and often problematic distribution and attachment of targets
-Fast registration: Only two targets need to be surveyed per scan (back and forthside)

-Working with forced centering
-At least 3 tripods are required (backside, survey station, forthside)

Target Registration
In the new version, also the Target Registration was improved. From now on, there is no limit any more for the amount of scans to be registered. Furthermore, to perform a registration with bundle adjustment, four targets were required so far. From now on, only three targets per scan position are necessary.

LAS Format Import (3D) and Export
In the new version of LaserControl it is also possible to import and export *.LAS files. This is an open file-format, which supports 3D point clouds and was developed due to the increasing number of LIDAR formats. *.LAS-files are stored binary.

Relation-Manager and Overview
In the new version of Laser Control a new view interface was added. Besides “Bubble View”, “Grey View” and “3D View”, a new “Overview” can be found. Here, all scan positions, imported targets and points will be displayed, as well as a legend and a grid. Buttons are provided to toggle the visibility of the different data. At capturing level a functional fieldbook is being generated.