CyberCity 3D Launches New Buildings for Esri CityEngine

CyberCity 3D introduces new data features for ArcGIS and CityEngine users, including customized 3D GIS Buildings for CityEngine 

El Segundo, CA—October 03, 2012—CyberCity 3D, Inc.™ an Esri® partner, today announced the introduction of its new class of 3D GIS buildings optimized for integration into Esri® CityEngine®, a stand-alone software product that transforms 2D GIS data into smart 3D city models.

CyberCity 3D has streamlined that workflow process by seamlessly bringing its 3D buildings into the CityEngine platform, where they can be modified as needed. This results in accurate visualization of the modeled area, including a wide range of automated measurements such as line-of-site and building footprint locations. The buildings, up to six-inches accurate, also reveal complete roof details— including slope, solar azimuth, and surface area—invaluable to solar resource profiles and hydrodynamics. The Company’s 3D buildings can be created from aerial, oblique or satellite sources.

“Combining true GIS data with real-time visualization has always been somewhat elusive,” shared CyberCity CEO Kevin DeVito. “What we are doing is building a smaller, streamlined bridge between our 3D GIS buildings and CityEngine.”

Deploying this new frontier of 3D GIS and GeoDesign gives government entities the opportunity to visually communicate with stakeholders and the public more effectively. These precise, state-of–the-art, smart 3D city models lend themselves to applications including city and campus planning, police and fire, utilities, green data, solar, and water runoff statistics.

"The utilization of CyberCity 3D GIS buildings greatly improves the workflow in CityEngine. The accurate building measurement features enhance the GIS elements, making the transition from 2D GIS to 3D GIS nearly seamless," stated Geoff Taylor, 3D Solutions Engineer at Esri CityEngine.

About CyberCity 3D, Inc.
CyberCIty 3D, a leading 3D modeling company, specializes in emerging GIS and visualization solutions. The southern California firm’s cutting-edge products and services include its high resolution 3D buildings, 3D building measurement information, automatic photo-texturing processes, 3D models for all Esri applications, solar roof measurements, hydrodynamic roof data and enhanced 3D building footprints 2D/3D mobile and desktop maps. It now owns an off-the –shelf city model library featuring more than 60 cities and offers this data via GIS and visualization formats. CyberCity 3D is an Esri partner and one of Google Earth and Maps™ largest 3D building content providers.

About Esri
Esri, founded in 1969, sees geography as the core to a stronger, sustainable tomorrow. The Company’s partners include governments, industry leaders, academics, and non-government organizations. ArcGIS Online, a cloud-based mapping system, offers collaboration tools for cataloging, visualizing, and sharing geospatial information. Esri CityEngine, a stand-alone software product that converts 2D GIS into smart 3D city models, is the tool of choice for massive 3D city models in GIS, urban planning, and entertainment production. CityEngine is integrated with ArcGIS® and shares 3D city scenes in the browser.